Welcome to my blog! Please feel free to reblog my pictures on the condition that I am kept as the source. My name is Amy. I am 20 years old and currently live in the UK. I study Art & Design at a community college near my hometown. I usually post my artwork and stuff to do with art but i do reblog stuff that I like personally as well and also others work that i think is good. I love using watercolors and ink. My favorite artists are Il Sung Na, Alex Pardee, Tim Burton, Lauren Child and so many more!

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—Leave Me Satisfied

Leave me satisfied - Allister Thomson

A cover by my dad, originally by William J Paris, an old friend of his.
Its a really catchy tune, i like it.
He plays guitar, he sings, he writes his own music and his own lyrics -
please check out his other songs on soundcloud :) Thomson 

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    My Dad has played guitar most of his adult life. He doesn’t know how to read music notes as he taught himself by ear....
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